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Things that are good to know

We recommend the length of the show be between 2 1/2 and 5 minutes
Photo Resolution / quality.  We recommend photos of 5 megapixels or greater
The PACE or the show. Pace means speed, how long each frame (photo) is displayed.
          NORMAL PACE is about 4-5 seconds per frame. (about 15 photos/min)  Most PhotoShows look best at this pace.
          SLOWER than NORMAL is about 6-7 seconds per frame. (about 10 photos/min)This pace is good for a show with a lot  of portraits, like
                    close up’s or children or a model portfolio.
          FASTER than NORMAL is about 2 1/2 - 4 seconds per frame. (about 20 photos/min)This pace is good for action type PhotoShows, like
                    sports events.
Number of Photos in a PhotoShow. Our limit is 100 Photos MAXIMUM
          This depends on the PACE (you choose the pace on the order form).  We recommend the length of the show be between 2 1/2 and 5 minutes. So ...
                    NORMAL PACE SHOW - 35 to 75 photos
                    SLOWER PACE SHOW - 25 to 50 photos
                    FASTER PACE SHOW - 50 to 100 photos
MUSIC.  If you choose to provide your own music by uploading MP3 files, it it good to know how long you show will be and try to upload enough songs to
          get to the end of the show.  Most popular music is about 2 - 3 minutes long, so using the PACE and NUMBER of photos, you can determine how
          much music you will need. NOTE: If you upload ONE song, we will repeat it if it is not long enough to go to the end of your PhotoShow.

Terms: reserves the right to reject any photos that do not meet our standards for family viewing.  We will not accept nudity, lude behavior violence depicted in photos, any photo that exploits a child, or any photo that is deemed by us to be unacceptable for viewing.

We will NEVER share your photos or any customer information with anyone.  Your photos will be deleted from our server after you have accepted your PhotoShow.

We will upload your PhotoSHow to our designated web site in a private folder and send you, and only you, a link to your PhotoShow.  It is your responsibility to share this link as you wish.

We will, upon your request, upload you PhotoShow to our You Tube account and mark it PRIVATE. A link will be sent to you, and only you, for viewing. If you wish to share this link it is your responsibility to do so.

If you order a DVD copy of your PhotoShow you may share or post it as you wish.  You can upload it to your personal web site, You Tube account, or any other sharing site you wish, at your discretion.  You may copy the DVD if you want to.

We will produce your PhotoShow in a timely manor and to the best of our ability.  The quality of your photos will determine the quality of the finished PhotoSHow.  We recommend photos with a resolution of 5 mega pixels minimum.