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Frequently Asked Questions...

How many photos can I include in a PhotoShow?
          We recommend that the running time of a PhotoShow be between 2 1/2 and 5 minutes. In a NORMAL pace show, each photo displays
          for about 6 seconds, so between 25 and 50 photos is ideal. SEE MORE ABOUT the PACE of a SHOW HERE
Can I add a couple images and take out a couple images?
          Yes, after you upload your photos and music, you can go to your upload page to view all the files.  Here you can delete a photo or music
          file.  You can also upload additional files from your personal upload page.
Can I change the order of the images?
          Yes, if you want to specify the order in which the photos appear in the finished show, you can re-name the photos 1, 2, 3  etc before
          you upload them.
Can I specify the music?
          Yes, you can upload 1 or more MP3 music files. SEE MORE ABOUT MUSIC HERE
Can I add text to some of the slides?
          No,  but you can specify text for the opening frame (beginning of show) and the closing frame (end of show).
If I have more that one Photoshow will my friends be able to see all of  them from 1 WEB site?
          Yes, all MyPhotoShows you order will be on the same web page together.
Can I change the title?
          Yes, on the order form you can specify text for the opening frame.
Can I add credit at the end of the show?
          Yes, on the order form you can specify text for the credits frame
Can you publish this Video to my account on YouTube?
          No, but you can do this on your own if you order a DVD copy of your PhotoShow.